If we had to fight for the freedom of our nation, our people: we’ll surely understand the price of peace and freedom; we’ll be ready to die protecting what we have.

If we had that opportunity to die in a war waged against our enemies – enemies of our nation, we’ll value the power of brotherhood; posterity will praise our heroics and tenaciously preserve our booties.

If we had the chance to participate in the re-crafting of our society, our way of life: our culture will be sacred, dominant, original; above all we’ll be contented – we’ll accept nothing more – nothing less.

If we had to stay together as brethren of different faith, bind together by fate but with the choice of going apart which we willfully reject owing to the fact that we had a long way together, and that rare ability to see that our future is hale: we’ll forever enjoy peace, respect, understanding and cooperation.

Nationalism is a spirit. It does not compromise. It is not acquired through negotiation. It is what makes a nation (regardless the size) stronger than a country. It is a culture crafted on love and passion.

While a nation is defended on the front lines, and negotiated on the ’roundtable’, nationalism drives the process perfectly.


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